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The hacker sulfur environmental protection technology co., LTD 


Address:Shanghai pudong guo shoujin road498Number1Building3201Room

Zip code:201203

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The hacker sulfur nanjing branch


Address:Nanjing xuanwu borough red mountain153Number
Zip code:210028                                                         The phone000000-00-0-0-0-03655167815(The business)                                 

         13809045842(The business)


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The hacker sulfur environmental protection technology co., LTD., is in the country“15”863Subject——“Can recycling flue gas desulfurization technology2”On the basis of,The urn(Group)A limited liability company、Guodian nanjing automation co., LTD(The Shanghai stock exchange stock code:600268)、Coal science and technology research institute co., LTD and huadian environmental protection system engineering co., LTD. Jointly founded by high-tech enterprises。Is domestic specialized is engaged in the research and application of activated coke gas purification technology co., LTD。2016Years6Month,The introduction of north China metallurgical engineering technology co., LTD,As a new strategic investor hacker sulfur,Expand strategic resources、Optimize equity structure、Strengthen platform。The company inherited“15”863Subject ......[Click more]

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Hacker on sulfur company to participate in the urn fu group company party congress for the fourth time
The hacker sulfur company accompanied by the Japanese guests visit urn the group
A letter of appreciation from heilongjiang zijin copper co., LTD
Urn f group co., LTD., vice general manager of human resource and so on a line by the hacker sulfur company to check on the research work
Urn ming-xue liu f group company secretary of the commission for discipline inspection to hacker on sulfur company Shanghai headquarters to guide work
Hayek s company2018The annual summary commendation congress

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